Changi Point Coastal Walk

Quiet Respite Away from the City

The 2.2 km scenic Changi Point Coastal Walk hugs the coastal line of Changi. This well-lit boardwalk blends in with the 
flora and fauna commonly found in Singapore.

The walk begins from Changi Creek in the east and gently meanders through six distinct sections – Creek Walk, Beach Walk, Sailing Point Walk, Cliff Walk, Kelong Walk and Sunset Walk before finally arriving at the western rocky coast near Changi Beach Club.

For park lovers, the walk continues to Changi Point or Loyang Park Connector at Netheravon Road.

Changi Chapel & Museum

A Moment Back in Time

During the World War II, the Japanese interred the Allied prisoners of war at the now-demolished Changi Prison. While there, the POWs
built a simple chapel to have a place of solace.

Over the years, the chapel has been recreated in 1988 and subsequently relocated to current Changi Chapel and Museum.

Visitors can view photographs, drawings and letters created by POWs and civilian internees during their stay. For the history lovers, discover the strategies, plots, follies and actions that led to the fall and capture of Singapore during WWII through the Battlefield Tour. The tour will also visit key sites such as the entrance of Selarang Barracks, Johore Battery and Changi Beach.

Changi Beach Park

Surround Yourself In Nature

Being one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, this place brings back many nostalgic memories for Singaporeans who frequented this area in the sixties
and seventies. Approximately 3.3km long, this linear park has stretches of pristine white beaches dotted with coconut palms,
BBQ pits, park benches and shelters.

The Kampong (malay village) ambience has been carefully retained while a jogging track and other amenities were added. Visitors can jog or cycle along the winding tracks from Changi Point to Changi Ferry Terminal. Sitting by the beach, you can look out to the sea overlooking Pulau Ubin, enjoy the gentle sea breeze and sways of the coconut palms, and listen to the waves rolling onto the white sandy beach.

Be spoilt for dining choices from the nearby Changi Village. Try local some local cuisines or sip on red wine at the many bars and restaurants available nearby.