August – The Month of Local Talents @ Raintr33 Hotel


The strength of our nation lies in our differences, at times even more so than our similarities.

This August, we’re super excited as our nation grows another year older. However, instead of simply hanging up the Singapore flag in commemoration of Singapore’s birthday, We, at Raintr33 Hotel decided to step up our game. We invited several home grown talents with varying fortes to recognise these individual’s triumphs in their respective fields for a stay over at Raintr33 Hotel to recognize and show our appreciation for what they have done as “kilat” citizens of Singapore. Baik ah!

One of the talents on the field is Naresh Kunasegaran, a rugger who had the honour of representing Singapore in the SEA Games Rugby 7s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Naresh captained the Team in Saint Andrew’s Secondary School back in his day and added numerous accolades to his name during his reign. Rugby is a game similar to football; gaining popularity over the years in Singapore. This physically gruelling sport requires a person to be damn fit. Rugby is a sport full of physical contact. Besides simply breaking through the opponent’s line of defence, withstanding the impact of someone charging towards them at full speed is all in a day’s worth of work.

Concurrently, with the opponent looming in for the tackle, they must also either find an open teammate to pass the ball or side step away from the charging opponent. Talk about multi-tasking! Most of us already have problems side stepping people while chasing after a bus, imagine side stepping an opposing team of 15 people wanting to tackle you down to the ground. Brawns and brains are definitely quintessential in Rugby. If not ah, sure kena hantum!


There is a saying that goes, “your health is your wealth”. Our second local talent, Amir, took this saying very literally. Amir is a local entrepreneur who values the importance of health. This led to the establishment of Trü Birch. Trü Birch’s two main product lines consist of the protein ice-cream as well as their birch juice-based soft serve.

Their products are 100% Organic and are sweetened by Birch juice which contains Xylitol that protects your teeths from cavities. It also has “Kilk” in it, a patented formula which further amplifies the protein synthesis in your average whey protein. Now we can finally have a cold treat without feeling guilty. Swee la bo! Amir also shared with us that they have another product, Sealand Birk with 5 refreshing flavours. Sealand Birk water is 100% organic and can only be obtained by tapping on the birch tree. In its natural form, it is sweet, savoury and shiok!  

Moving on, Tanglin is a television series known to many.

The latest season of Tanglin, which was aired in 2015 on Channel 5 featured a huge cast of talents. Raintr33 Hotel also had the honour of getting up close and personal with Bridgette Fernandez, who played the role of Mrs Pereira on Tanglin. Tanglin is a hearty local series which revolves around the lives of differing races and generations in Singapore in the series. Seeing Mrs. Pereira come alive in Bridgette Fernandez as we interacted with her in Raintr33 Hotel was an unforgettable experience.


The last of our featured talents, but certainly not the least, is Jerald Saw; a photographer who’s had lots of exposure in his field and always maintains his focus (no puns intended). A good photo is nice to look at, whereas a great photo evokes emotions.

Jerald has been intrigued by photography back when he was still in secondary school. Over the years, he has honed this hobby he cultivated at a young age turning it into his professionalism. Jerald’s photos are now visually captivating, each with a story and an innate ability to stir emotions.

Jerald’s skills were evident when he came over to stay with us over at Raintr33. The photos that he took of our lush greeneries and of the Hotel are phenomenal. We will be showcasing his photos on our Instagram page (@Raintr33) in the upcoming month! Not bad hor, can win free stays over at our hotel and see high quality pictures.

As the month comes to an end, we know that a National Day celebration is incomplete without freebies. It’s to our delight that we announce @fu.wari as the official winner of a free stay from our August Instagram contest! Congratulations!!!! Heng sia.

This eventful August has been extremely memorable for us at Raintr33 Hotel. Initially, our intention was to have these talents over to reward them. Little did we know that we would be the ones on the receiving end as it was an absolute pleasure having them over at Raintr33 Hotel! We would like to take this chance to wish Singapore a very Happy 52nd birthday, and also to thank all the amazing citizens of Singapore for contributing to the nation in many different ways!

Not to worry, the party doesn’t end here. On the 30th of September, Raintr33 will be hosting a private party to get up close and personal with more of Singapore’s very own home grown personalities and talents. You wouldn’t want to miss this chance to mix and mingle with these individuals, just letting loose and grooving to the rhythm as we enter the last quarter of 2017!